Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gerrard rejects exit talk

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard has rubbished rumours of a row with Rafa Benitez and has dismissed talk that he could leave Anfield. 

Remours have come around of a bashup between Gerrard and Benitez at Liverpools loss to Reading last week.

Benitez laughed off the reports on Tuesday and now Gerrard has moved to put the record straight by claiming there was no disagreement and that he has no plans to walk out on the Reds.

Gerrard said "There has been allot of versions of these rumours and they are all as daft as the others" "i would love to here who comes up with these rumours."  "Nothing happened, that's an absolute fact. But if anyone thinks this nonsense unsettles either me or the club then they're mistaken."

"The Important thing at the moment is to try and get fit as quick as possible"

Gerrard, who will miss Wednesday's clash with Tottenham through injury, insists he remains committed to the Liverpool cause and that he is not looking to leave.


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